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About Karen

Portrait of Karen Pamplin Browne
Karen Pamplin Browne supports the creative and heritage industries through evaluation consultancy and coaching individuals, businesses and organisations.

Karen has spent twenty-eight years working in the art, heritage and education sectors, including seventeen years as a qualified teacher in secondary and special needs schools. As an artist, Karen’s interests include participatory arts, social practice, collecting, photography and curatorial practice. She has worked on multiple arts and heritage projects as a curator, project manager and evaluation consultant for cultural organisations.

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Mothers with children busy creating art in a workshop in Fort Burgoyne, Dover
Evalaution table at Waking the Giant – a Pioneering Places event at Fort Burgoyne, Dover. © Karen Pamplin Browne, 2021

Karen is available on a freelance basis for a variety of roles

Evaluation of arts and education projects
Are you looking for or have you received funding from grants and charitable trusts? Do you need an external consultant to evaluate public engagement or the educational impact of your project?

Karen can help you evaluate projects and is available to advise on writing evaluation aims in funding applications.
Art consultancy and support for businesses
Are you an artist or an art business needing coaching and support?

Karen can help you with business research, evaluation, career development, creative development, project management and curating.

Coaching sessions are £50 per hour. Discounts are available for blocks of 5 or more sessions.
Advice on working with community groups, young people and schools
Are you running a project working with community groups, young people, schools or people with specific needs?

Karen is available to support artists and arts and heritage organisations working with community groups, schools and young people to advise on evaluation, workshop planning, curriculum, safeguarding, behaviour management and school systems.
Art workshops and 1-1 teaching sessions
Do you need a workshop facilitator or tutor for art, design, photography, theory or visual literacy workshops?

Karen is a fully qualified and DBS-checked teacher and can design creative workshops for adults, young people and children.
  • MA Art and Design in Education
  • PGCE Art and Creative Arts
  • H Cert Art Management
  • BA (Hons) Graphic Arts and Illustration


Example projects
Consultant Evaluator for Flux – a project managed by Living Words (2022-2023)
Consultant Evaluator for Braintree District Cultural Education Partnership (2021-2023)
Consultant Evaluator for Cybersaur Arts – Gateway To Our Past. (2021-2022)
Research Evaluator of Horizon 20:20 for Hampshire Cultural Trust (2021)
Evaluator for Pioneering Places East Kent: Fort Burgoyne for The Land Trust (2018-2021)
Creative Folkestone Hub Coordinator for the South East Creatives programme (2019-2020)
Evaluator of Folkestone Living Advent Calendar for JimJam Arts (2019)
Evaluator of ‘Art in the Park: Kearsney Interpreted’ for Dover Arts Development (DAD) and Dover District Council (2019)
Project Manager for Strangelove – an international time-based media festival (2017-2019)
Tour Guide – Folkestone Artworks (2017-2019)
Neighbourhood History Researcher for the Pioneering Places East Kent: Folkestone Gasworks (2018)
Artist and Curator for ‘Kent Collects’, an exhibition about collections at Folkestone Museum (2018)
Owner of Folkestone Art Room, offering art tours and workshops in Folkestone (2016-2018)
Curator – Art at Brew, Folkestone (2015-2018)
Evaluator for ‘Folkestone Is An Art School’, Folkestone Triennial 2017, Creative Foundation (2017)
Curator / Project Manager – ‘Art Inspiring Change’ exhibition and ‘Child-led Learning’ seminar, Turner Contemporary (2017)
Artist and facilitator for ‘Found in Folkestone’ a participatory artwork for the Salt Festival(2017)
Evaluation Advisor for Threads, a DIY gallery, on evaluation for an Arts Council funded project (2017)
Evaluator for The Photographers’ Gallery in London, evaluating ‘Seeing More Things’, a three-year education project promoting visual literacy (2013-16)
An assortment of participatory artwork, signs and notes attached to a pinboard and wall
Horizon 20:20 Evaluation Workshop © Karen Pamplin Browne (2021)


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